PERUVIAN JAZZ PROJECT is a musical educational project that generates music recordings, scores, play alongs and videos of traditional Peruvian music arranged in a personal way, thus creating a testimony of educational and audiovisual material.

Almonte, Betancourt and Calmet present a unique musical proposal through this compendium and evolution process.

As a community project, everybody is welcome to get aboard the PERUVIAN JAZZ PROJECT by supporting us through our different platforms.

 With the release of their first album RECUTECU, the Peruvian Jazz Project is aiming higher and looking at a soon to be released second album and working towards the release of the first book of  traditional Peruvian music lead sheet compilations.

One of the freshest and most innovative proposals within the realm of Afro-Peruvian jazz fusions that I have heard”

Richie Zellon - One of the founders of Afro Peruvian Jazz




I want to express my gratitude and gesture of “peruvianness” towards the Peruvian Jazz Project for recording my song “Negrito Chinchiví.” I wish all Peruvians had that affection and concern to make our music more known each day. This has a lot of groove, I applaud you!

José "Pepe" VIllalobos Cavero

The KING of Peruvian Festejo

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