1. Open Triads on the guitar:

Over the years I became fascinated with the sound of open triads on the guitar and how the voices move from one triad to another. After studying with master guitarist Lage Lund I came out with a couple of “Etudes” (some which evolve into full songs ) in order to widen your view and use of Open Triads in the guitar. 

“Triadic Etudes”

2. Composing

Stealing from the masters . Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just make it turn in a different direction. This is my take on how to use a quiet specific set of chords: The changes of Giant Steps (by John Coltrane) and a section of the chord progression of Iris ( by Wayne Shorter ). Combining them as a ballad with some extensions and different colours allowed me to create this unique ballad ( Attach PDF for “Shorter Steps ” and link the youtube video for Shorter Steps ” ” )

3.Triadic Voicings (and where to find them)

Over the last few years I have re-discovered triads and its vast use on the guitar. To be able to apply them properly I had to reformulate the way I see them graphically on the guitar. Here you have a dictionary of Open triads voicings.