Music Lessons

Are you interested in improving your abilities and knowledge in : Jazz, Guitar, Harmony (Music Theory), Improvisation, Composition, Peruvian Music, Brazilian Music, Arranging and Orchestration, among other musical topics?

Rodrigo Almonte has been teaching music over the last 10 years to students of all ages around the world.

With higher studies internationally, a Cum Laude Master degree awarded in Jazz Performance from Prince Claus Conservatorium in The Netherlands and the ability to teach fluently in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Rodrigo has gathered the best techniques and methodology to teach the art of music in a unique and efficient way that is tailored to your personal needs and goals.  

Harmony Lessons

Beginner to Advance Music Theory to apply in you playing and composing.

Guitar Lessons

Acoustic and Electric guitar through different styles and levels.

Ear Training

Learn to listen, detect and fully understand music

Composition Lessons

Learn how to create tunes from a simple leadsheet to a big band or orchestral composition

Rhythmic Studies

Strengthen your inner rhythm and be your own drummer regardless of what instrument you play!  

Arranging Lessons

Transform any piece of music into whatever colours and instruments you hear in your mind.


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Rodrigo managed to build on the scant knowledge of music that I had. He encouraged me to improve using the music I was interested in, in order to have a clearer overview of music in general. 

I totally recommend him.


O. Buckley

OMG. Having lessons with Rodrigo was quite enrichening. Not only did he directly address my objectives from the beginning (polychords and arrangements), but he was quite thoughtful about the fact that I did not lack necessary theory to be able to learn in the best way. Both the content and the exercises helped me understand many harmonic elements in a practical way.

I definitely recommend it.

J. Timarchi

I have been actively studying music theory and jazz for a couple of years now and thought I knew all there is to know about the stuff. Enter Rodrigo, when hearing his unique style of playing I instantly wanted to know what was going on in his head when he played and decided to get lessons off him. After getting lessons of multiple tutors over the years I can say with confidence that his approach to teaching music theory and guitar was by far the most compelling and fun to practice.

Even the most advanced musical concepts were tackled in very creative and engaging ways that make the improvement seemless. I found his style of teaching made you improve in composing, harmony, ear training, technique, groove and sight reading all while encouraging creativity and emphasizing your ability to think for yourself and create your own exercises. A super fresh take on teaching. Rodrigos lessons where fun, interactive and always answered any questions I had and then some.

While most teachers give you fish. Rodrigo’s lessons teach you how to fish, also he’s super friendly!

A. Curtis

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